Auction Houses (Alphabetically)

1818 Auctions Antiques, Collectibles
2020 Auctions Stamps, Coins


AB Auctions General
Abbey Auctions General
A&C Auctions Antiques
Acreman St Antiques, Collectibles, Art, etc
Adam Partridge (Cheshire) Antiques, Collectibles, Art, etc
Adam Partridge (Liverpool) Antiques, Collectibles, Art, etc
Aldridges of Bath Antiques, Collectibles, Art, Interior
Alnwick Antiques
Altona General
Anderson & Garland Antiques, Collectibles, Art, Interior
Andover Auctions Antiques & General
Andrew Smith Interior, Antique, Art, Collectibles
Andrew Hilditch Antiques & General
Anglia Car Auctions Automobiles
ANM (Caithness) Plant and Equipment, Livestock
ANM (Elgin) Antiques & General
ANM (Thainstone) Automobiles, Antiques, Livestock
Anthemion Antique & General, Art
Antiques 2 Go (Bugbrooke) Antique & General
Antiques 2 Go (Moreton Pinkney) Antique & General
Antique & Collectors Corner General
Apex Plant and Equipment
Argyll Etkin Stamps
Armoy Livestock
Arthur Johnson & Sons Antiques, Machinery, Collectibles
A.S.H. Antiques, Collectibles
Ashley Waller Interior, Plant & Equipment
Aston's Collectibles, Toys, Coins etc
Atkins Collectibles, Antiques, Art etc.
Auction Centre Toys, Antiques, Collectibles, etc
Auction NI Antiques and general
Auctions in a Day General


Bainbridge's Antiques, Art, Collectibles, Jewellery
Bakewell Market Livestock
Ballymena Livestock
Bamfords (Derby) Antique, Art, Collectibles etc
Bamfords (Bakewell) Antique, Interior, Collectibles etc
Bangor Auctions Antiques & General
Barbara Kirk Antiques, Collectibles, Art etc
Barnard Castle Auction Mart Livestock
Barons Classic Cars
Barry L Hawkins Antiques, Collectibles, Toys, Music
Batemans Antiques, Art, Watches, Jewellery
BCA Automobiles
Beamish Automobiles (Classic Cars)
Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood Antiques, Art etc.
Beeston Antiques, Collectibles, Art, Toys etc.
Bellman's (Winchester) Interior
Bellman's (Wisborough Green) Art, Jewellery etc
Bentleys Antiques, Art
Berlinetta Classic Automobiles
Biddle & Webb Wines, Interior, Jewellery, Watches
Bigwood Antiques, Collectibles, Interior
Bishop & Miller Antiques, Art, Stamps, Toys, etc.
Bloomfield Antiques Collectibles, Coins, Books, Toys Etc.
BMA Automobiles
Bodmin Auctions Antiques, Collectibles, Interior
Boldon Auctions Antique & General, Interior
Bolton Auctions Antiques, Collectibles, Art Etc.
Bonhams (Bond St) Jewellery, Art, Clocks & Watches
Bonhams (Edinburgh) Art, Whisky, Interior, Jewellery
Bonhams (Knightsbridge) Collectibles, Art, Books, Etc.
Border Auctions Antiques, Collectibles, Interior
Bosleys Militaria
Boulton & Cooper, Stephenson General
Bourne End Auctions Art, Antiques, etc
Bowler & Binnie Antiques & General
Brettells Antiques, Collectibles
BRG Automobiles
British Toy Auctions Toys
Brighton and Hove Auctions Antiques, Interior, Art
Brightwells Autos, Whisky, Wine, Coins etc
Britannia Stamps
Browns Antiques, Collectibles, Art, etc
BSA Stamps
Bulstrodes Antiques, Collectibles
Burstow & Hewett Antiques, Art, Collectibles etc
Bushey Auctions Antiques, Collectibles, Coins Etc
Byrne's Art, Antiques, Collectibles
Bryncir Livestock


C & T Auctions Toys, Antiques, Collectibles, Books
Cadmore Auctions Classic Cars, Antiques Etc
Calder Valley Auctions Antiques, Interior, Jewellery, Etc.
Cambridgeshire Philatelic Stamps
Cannock Motor Auctions Automobiles
Canterbury Auction Antiques, Art
Capes Dunn Antique, Art, Books, Collectibles etc
Cardiff City Auctions Antiques, Collectibles
Carn Brea Antiques, Collectibles, Toys
Cash Point General & furniture
Catherine Southon Art, Jewellery, Antiques
Cato Crane Antiques, Art
CCM Livestock
Central Auction Rooms Antiques & General
Central Car Auctions Automobiles
Central Marts Livestock
Chalkwell Auctions Antiques, Art, Jewellery
Charles Taylor General, Automobiles
Charterhouse Art, Antiques, Collectibles etc
Cheffins Fine Art, Antiques
Cheshire Stamp Auctions Stamps
Chesterfield Auctions General
Chilcotts Art, Antiques, Interior, Collectibles
Chippenham Antiques, Toys, Collectibles
Chiswick Auctions Art, Jewellery, Antiques, Etc.
Chorley Antiques, Toys, Militaria, Jewellery, Collectibles
Chorley's Art, Antiques
Chrystals Automobiles, Antiques, Jewellery, Collectibles
Churchgate Antiques, Collectibles
City Auction Group (Rockingham) Automobiles
City Auction Group (Carryduff) Automobiles
City Auction Group (Omagh) Automobiles, Equipment
Clare Auctions Antiques, Interior, Collectibles
Clarke & Simpson Antiques, Fine Art, Plant & Equipment
Clarks Antiques, Fine Art, Collectibles
Classic Car Auctions Classic Cars
Clee Livestock
Clevedon Interior, Antique, Art etc
Cluny Antiques & General, Whisky
Clwyd Auction Center Antiques, Automobiles, Plant Etc.
Cooper Barrington Antiques & general, Collectibles
Copart Automobiles
Corbitts Stamps, Coins
Cribbs Militaria
Crows Jewellery, Collectibles, Antiques
Cruso & Wilkin General
Curr & Dewar Antiques
Cuttlestones (Penkridge) Antiques, Interiors
Cuttlestones (Wolverhampton) Antiques, Interiors


Darlington Farmers Auction Mart Livestock
David Duggleby Antiques, Art, Jewellery etc.
David Lay Auctions Antiques, Books, Art etc.
David Stanley Antique Woodworking Tools
Dawsons Art, Antiques, Jewellery, Toys
Denhams Antiques & General
Diamond Mills Antiques, Interior
Dingwall & Highland Marts Livestock
Dix, Noonan, Webb Coins, Militaria, Jewellery, Watches
Dominic Winters Antiques. Militaria, Art, Books
Douglas Antique & Genera
Dreweatts Antiques, Wine, Toys, Interior Etc
Drewery & Wheeler Antiques, Collectibles
Duggleby Stephenson Antiques, Coins, Stamps, etc.
Dukes Art, Antiques, Wine, Classic Cars etc
Dumfries Auctions Antiques, Jewellery, Interior
Dumfries Mart Livestock
Dungannon Livestock
Durrants Antiques, Toys, Jewellery, Art, Interior etc


EAMA Automobiles
Eastbourne Auctions Art, Collectibles, Antiques
ECA Automobiles
Eldreds Antiques, Watch & Clock, Collectible, etc
Elite Auctions Antiques, Collectibles
Ellesmere Port Motor Auctions Automobiles
Elstob & Elstob Antiques, Art, Watches, Jewellery
Enniskillen Auctions Automobiles, Plant & Equipment
Euro Auctions (Leeds) Plant & Equipment
Euro Auctions (Co. Tyrone) Plant & Equipment
Ewbanks Antiques, Entertainment, Collectibles etc.


Fables General, Wine and Whisky
Featonby's Art, Antiques, Collectibles
Fellows Jewellery and Watches
Fieldings Art, Collectibles, Toys etc.
Finbarrs Antiques & General
FMC Autos, Antiques, Plant & Machinery
Forum Books, Maps and Manuscripts
Fourtowns Toys, Antiques & General
Frank Charles & Co General
Frasers Antiques, Interiors
Frederick Andrews (Sheerness) Antiques, Collectibles
Frederick Andrews (Maidstone) General


Gardiner Houlgate Antiques, Clocks, Watches, Jewellery, Art
Gary Don Antiques, Interiors, Militaria, Collectibles
Gavin Gardiner Militaria
Gerrards Jewellery, Antiques, Art, Collectibles
Gilbert Baitson General
Gildings Antiques, Art, Collectibles etc.
Global Auctions General
Golding, Young & Mayer (Grantham) Art, Collectibles
Golding, Young & Mayer (Bourne) Collectibles, Toys, Books
Golding, Young & Mayer (Lincoln) Collectibles
Gordon Day & Partners Interior, General
Grand Auctions Art, Antiques
Great Western Antiques,Collectibles, Art
Gorringes Antiques,Collectibles
Grosvenor Stamps
GTH Collectibles, Art, Antiques, Book


Hall's Antiques, Collectibles, Jewellery
Hannams Antiques, Watches, Jewellery, Art
Hansons (Derbyshire) Antiques, Watches, Jewellery, Art etc
Hansons (London) Antiques, Collectibles
Harrison Auction Center Antiques & General
Harrison (Jubilee) Antiques, Interior
H&H Auction Rooms Antiques, Collectibles
Harrison & Hetherington Livestock
Hawleys Antiques, Art
Henry Adams Antiques, Art, Jewellery etc.
Hereford Market Auctioneers Livestock
Hexham & Northern Marts Livestock
Hobbs Parker Automobiles
Hobbs Parker Auctioneers Livestock
Holmfirth Attested Auction Market Livestock
Holts Militaria (guns)
Horners Antiques, Collectibles, Stamps, Autos etc
HRD Antiques, Collectables, Fine Art
Huntley Antiques, Collectibles
Hussey's Automobiles, Plant & Equipment


Ibbet Mosely Art, Antiques


Jackson, Green & Preston Antiques & General
Jacobs & Hunt Antiques & General, Art etc.
James & Sons Militaria, Coins, Stamps etc
James Beck Antiques & General
Jefferys Antiques, Collectibles, Militaria etc
JJ Morris (Crymych) Livestock
JJ Morris (Whitland) Livestock
J Straker Chadwick Antiques, Interior, Wine
John Milne Antiques
John Nicholson Antiques, Book, Art, Interior
John Pye Automobiles, General, Jewellery
Jones & Llewelyn Antiques
J Stuart Watson Interior, Antiques


Keys Antiques & General, Art, Books, Music etc.
Kingham & Orme Antiques, Interior, Art etc
Kingsland General
Kivells (Exeter) Livestock
Kivells (Hallworthy) Livestock
Kivells (Holsworthy) Livestock, Antiques
KJ Auctions General
K & K Halls Stamps
Knighton Evans Plant & Equipment


Lacy, Scott & Knight Antiques, Music, Toys, etc.
Laidlaw, Collectibles, Interior, Militaria
Landles Antiques
Lauri O'Kane & Son Livestock
Lavant Antiques
Lawrences (Bletchingly) Antiques, Art, Collectibles etc.
Lawrences (Crewkerne) Antiques, Art, Collectibles etc.
Leek Auctions Livestock
Leominster Car Auctions Automobiles
Letchworth Car Auctions Automobiles
Lisnaskea Auctions General, Interior
Lithgows Plant & Equipment, Liquidation
Litttletons Collectibles, Antiques
Liverpool Motor Auctions Automobiles
Lockdales Coins, Collectibles, Antiques
Lockstock Antiques
Loddon Stamps, Coins, Collectibles
Lodge & Thomas Collectibles, Antiques, Livestock
London Coins Coins
Longtown Mart Livestock
Lots Road Antiques, Interior, Art
Louis Taylor Antiques, Collectibles, Art
Louth Livestock Market Livestock
Lowestoft Auction Rooms Antiques & General
L.S. Smellie & Son Antiques & General
Lymington Auctions Antiques, Collectibles, Toys
Lyon & Turnball (Edinburgh) Art, Whisky, Jewellery etc
Lyon & Turnball (London) Art


M & A Antiques, Interior
Mallams (Oxford) Music, Art, Jewellery, Books etc
Mallams (Abingdon) Interior, Collectibles
Mallams (Cheltenham) Art, Interior, Antiques
Malton Livestock Market Livestock
Mander Antiques, Art, Interior
Manheim Automobiles
Markethill Livestock
Marlborough Auctions Antiques, Militaria, etc
Martello Auctions Stamps, Coins
Martyn Rowe Antiques, Collectibles
Mathewsons Automobiles
Maxwells Antiques, Collectibles
Mayfair Philatelic Stamps
Mctear's Antiques, Art, Jewellery etc.
Mellors & Kirk Antiques, Art, Collectibles, Militaria
Melton Mowbray Market Livestock
Merthyr Motor Automobiles, Plant & Equipment
Methwold Auction Mart Antique & General
Midland Furniture Auctions Interior(Furniture)
Mid-Sussex Antiques, interior, Collectibles
Mid Ulster Auctions Plant and Equipment, Automobiles
Mitchells Antique & General, Fine Art Etc.
Moore Allen Interior, Antiques, Art
Morgan Evans Antiques, Automobiles, Livestock
Morphets Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Jewellery etc.
Morris Leslie Plant and Equipment, Automobiles
MST General, Heavy Plant, Automobiles
Mulberry Bank Antiques Collectibles, Wine and Whisky
Mullocks Sporting Memorabilia, Toys
Murrays Collectibles, Art, Antiques, Jewellery etc.


Nesbits Antiques, Collectibles, Interior
Netherhamptons Antiques, Interior
Nigel Ward Antiques, Collectibles
North Coast Antiques & General, Collectibles, Books
Northern Counties Livestock, General
Northern Exchange Plant & Equipment
Northgate Antiques, Toys, Collectibles, Interior
North Wales Auctions General
Norwich Livestock Market Livestock
NWA Lancaster Livestock
NWA Crooklands Livestock


Oakham Auctions Antiques, Collectibles, Interior
Omagh Auction Mart Livestock
Omega Music Related
Orkney Auction Mart Livestock, Interior


Pateley Bridge Auction Centre Livestock
Paul Alexander Antiques & General
Paul Beighton Antiques, Interior, Collectibles
Peebles Auctions Antiques and Collectibles
Penrith & District Farmers Mart Livestock
Peter Francis Antiques, Collectibles
Peter Wilson Antiques, wine, art, coins, interior etc
Pettmans Antiques, Interior
Phillips Art
Philip Serrell Antiques and General, Jewellery, Art etc.
Piers Motley Antiques, Collectibles
Pine Lodge Antiques,Collectibles and Jewellery
Pippa Deeley Antiques Collectibles
Plaitford Auctions Antiques
Plumridge & Co Stamps, Coins
Plymouth Auction Rooms Antiques, Collectibles, Art etc
Pontypridd Auctions General
Potteries Pottery, Art, Antiques, Jewellery etc.
Pugh HJ Antiques & General
Pump House Antiques, Art


Ramsay Cornish Antiques and Interiors
Reeman Dansie Antiques, Art, Coins, Militaria
Rendalls Antiques and Collectibles
Rialtons Antiques
Richard Winterton Art, Interior, Jewellery
Riverview General
Robert Bell Antiques & General
Robertsons of Kinbuck Antiques & General
Rogers, Jones & Colwyn (Cardiff) Antiques, Collectibles
Rogers, Jones & Colwyn (Colwyn Bay) Antiques, Art
Rosan Reeves General, Automobiles
Rosebury's Art, Jewellery, Watches
Ross's Art, Jewellery, Antiques, Wine and Whisky
Rowley's Fine Art Antiques, Art, Collectibles
Ruthin Farmers Auction Livestock
Rye Auction Galleries Antiques and Collectibles
Ryedales Antiques, Militaria, Toys, Art etc


Saint John's Auction Mart Livestock
Sanderson's General, Interior
Sandwich Auction Rooms Antiques, Interior
SAS Antiques, Jewellery, Collectibles, Art etc
Scarva Antiques and General
Scots Gap Auction Mart Livestock
Sedgemoor Market Livestock
Selby Livestock Auction Mart Livestock
Semley Antiques, Jewellery, Books, Art etc
Sheffield Auction Galleries Antiques, Art, Collectibles, etc
Shelby's Antiques Jewellery, Toys, Collectibles etc.
Shepherd's Liquidation
Shoreham Vehicle Auctions Automobiles
Sidcup Auction House Antiques, Collectibles
Silverwoods Antiques, Collectibles, Art
Simon Charles General, Plant & Equipment
Sittingbourne Auctions General
Smellie Antiques and General
Smiths of Newent Antiques, Collectibles
Somerset Stamp Auctions Stamps
South East Marts Livestock
Southern Counties Livestock
Spencers Antique, Interior, Art
Spicer's Antiques, Collectibles, Automobiles etc
Spink & Son Stamps, Coins, Medals, Wine
Staceys Antiques, Collectibles, art etc.
Stanfords Livestock
Stanley Gibbons Stamps
Sterling Vault Jewellery, Watches
Stoodley Automobiles, Plane & Equipment
Stratford Livestock Auctions Livestock
Stride Jewellery, Antiques, Art, Coins etc
Stroud Auctions Antiques, Automobiles, Collectibles etc.
Sullivans Antiques, Collectibles
Summergills Antiques, Collectibles
Summers Place Garden & Natural History
Surrey Auctions Coins, Militaria, Jewellery etc
Sutton Hill Farm Antiques, Jewellery, Collectibles etc.
Sworders Art, Jewellery, Wine, Antiques etc.
SWPA Stamps, Coins
SWVA Automobiles


T&T Auctions Stamps, Coins
Taylor & Fletcher Art, Antiques
Taylors Antiques, Jewellery, Art, Coins etc
Tennants Antiques, Stamps, Coins, Art,. Autos Etc
Thame Farmers Auction Mart Livestock
The Auction Room Antiques, Collectibles
The Stamp Group (Derbyshire) Stamps
The Stamp Group (Cheshire) Stamps
Thomas Miller Antiques, Art, Collectibles
Thomas Watson Antiques, Art, Collectibles
Thompson's Antiques, Collectibles
Thomson Roddick (Dumfries) Antiques, Interiors
Thomson Roddick (Carlisle) Antiques, Books, Music, etc
Thomson Roddick (Edinburgh) Collectibles, Interior
Thrapstone Livestock Market Livestock
Tongs Antiques
Toovey's Antiques, Art, Collectibles etc
Torridge Auctions Antiques, Collectibles
Trevanion Antiques, Collectibles, Art
Tring Market Antiques, Art
Truro Livestock Center Livestock
Turner & Sons General
TW Gaze Antiques, Interior, Toys, Coins etc


Ulster Farmers Mart Livestock
UK Toy and Model Auctions Toys
Unique Auctions Antiques, Collectibles, Art etc
United Auctions Livestock


Vectis Toys
Viewback Antiques and Collectables


Wallace and Wallace Toys, Militaria
Walton and Walton Antiques
Warren & Wagnall Art, Interior, Antiques, Collectibles
Warrington & Northwich Antiques, Toys, Interior
Warwick & Warwick Stamps, Toys, Coins
Waterman's Antiques, Collectibles, Interior
Watsons Antiques, Interior, Toy, Collectibles
Watton Salerooms Antique & General
Wellers General, Jewellery, Watches etc
Welters Farm Auctions Farm Machinery
Westbury Automobiles
Westenhanger Antiques, Coins, Collectibles
Westgate Auctions Antiques, Collectibles
West Of England Antiques, Collectibles
Whisky Hammer Whisky
Whittaker & Biggs Antiques, Collectibles, Interior
W.H. Lane Art
Willingham Antiques, Collectibles, Interior
Wilkinson's Antiques, Art, Interior
Wilsden Auctions Antiques & General
Wilsons Automobiles, Plant and Equipment
Windibank Antiques, Collectibles
Wombell's Antique & General, Jewellery
Worthing Stamp Auctions Stamps
Wright Marshall (Beeston) Livestock
Wright Marshall (Beeston) Antiques, Autos etc.
Wright Marshall (Knutsford) Antiques, Collectibles, etc.
WVA Whisky Whisky
Wye Valley Antiques & General


Young's Antiques, Coins, Art Collectibles, Militaria