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Ruthin, North Wales

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Address and Telephone Number

Ruthin Farmers Auction Co. Ltd.
Vale of Clwyd Livestock Centre
Parc Glasdir
LL15 1PB

Telephone: 01824 705000

The Auction House's Introduction

With over 90 years trading experience and knowledge of the industry, Ruthin Farmers Auction is the place to sell you livestock.

Together with helpful, knowledgeable NVQ qualIfied staff, friendly atmosphere and bilingual service, our aim is to make your selling experience the easiest possible.

We are an approved central point recording centre (CPRC), giving you the service required to keep records of your movement by supplying you with your EID data.

Once your sheep have been sorted and lotted in convenient lots, enjoy a cup of tea and a bite to eat in our canteen


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Ruthin Farmers Auction

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